Pet Wellness Care for All Ages in Maize, KS

golden retriever sitting in receptionist's chair
golden retriever sitting in receptionist's chair

At Companion Animal Hospital in Maize, KS, we're dedicated to the lifelong health and happiness of your pets. Our approach to pet wellness care emphasizes preventive measures and personalized attention at every stage of your pet's life! From their first playful months to their dignified senior years, our team is here to offer expert advice, comprehensive exams, and tailored treatments to ensure your pet remains by your side, healthy and happy, for as long as possible.

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Your Pet's Health:
A Yearly Priority

At Companion Animal Hospital, we believe in the power of preventive care. That’s why we recommend annual pet wellness exams to monitor their health and detect possible problems early.

Here's what you can expect during a wellness exam:

  • Thorough Physical Examination: Assessing overall body condition, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, throat, heart, lungs, abdominal organs, musculoskeletal and neurologic systems, urogenital system, lymph nodes, and skin/coat.
  • Preventive Measures: Discussion on vaccinations, parasite prevention (including heartworm, intestinal parasites, and ectoparasites like fleas and ticks), and annual age-appropriate lab tests.
  • Nutrition and Exercise: Tailoring your pet's diet and exercise routine to fit their age and lifestyle and keep them in shape.
cat during wellness exam

Puppy and Kitten Care:
The Foundation of a Healthy Life

The journey to lifelong health starts when your pet is young. Our team is excited to support your new puppy or kitten with:

  • Regular physical exams, vaccinations, parasite testing, and deworming.
  • Guidance on potty training, nail trims, diet, and avoiding health hazards.
  • Spaying/neutering advice and the benefits of pet health insurance.
  • Preventives for heartworm and flea/tick infestations.
  • Behavioral counseling for puppies and kittens including, but not limited to socialization and helping integrate new puppies and kittens into the home

Senior Pet Care

Senior pets hold a special place in our hearts and require attentive care. We focus on:

  • Managing age-related conditions such as arthritis, dental, heart, liver, kidney, and endocrine disorders.
  • Bi-annual visits for early detection and management of potential health issues.
  • Diet and exercise modifications, joint supplements, and medications to enhance comfort and mobility.
  • Recommendations for improving cognitive function and overall mental well-being.
happy pet owner and dog at companion animal hospital

Protect Your Pet and Family with Parasite Prevention

Keeping your pet parasite-free is crucial for their health and your family's safety. We offer comprehensive protection against:

  • Ectoparasites: Fleas, ticks, and the diseases they carry.
  • Endoparasites: Roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, and tapeworms, and the risks they pose to both pets and humans.
  • Heartworm: Prevention and education on this potentially fatal condition.

Year-round preventive treatments are key to safeguarding your pet and home from parasites. Our team is here to help you choose the right products and practices to keep everyone safe. Contact us at (316) 722-6464 or book online.